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MAKING memories last FOREVER!

Face Chapter (FC) is a creative concept in the photo services market. It is debuting in the Portland Metropolitan areas.

Instead of wondering if your photos will be worth the price, you can select a newer platform where you can select your choice of photographers, makeup-artist, hair designer, or just join in on a creative session. You are granted amazing images per session with monthly themes to your liking.
This month's theme is "JEDI THEME".
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You'll look back and cherish all the memories to be embraced. WELCOME!



Cloud Support

Are you a cloud expert? Would you like to be outsourced to work with Face Chapters online services? If you are fascinated and would like to be of aid, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Flexible & Lightweight

Face Chapter doesn't necessarily need a lot of fancy equipment in order to create a simple yet enjoyable experience.

Beautiful & Modern Design

It's not only about the outside but the inside that counts in delivering excellent services. Collaboration of many skilled and passionate artists will surely help bring out your best. Don't fret, just give it a shot.

Social Media Integration

You'll have the flexibility to socially share your memorable images to your friends and family via social shares and likes! Who knows you could be popularized with the most likes in aany given month and be highlited on "Style Versatile's Fashion Blog!"

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Anyone who participates with TEAM BE your DREAM
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will receive a *Complimentary Plan C Photoshoot on behalf of Face Chapter!"

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Simply select what works for you...

One Time Session

$200 - $20k+ (Depends)

This is a perfect choice for small bands and startups. One time projects such as music videos, commercials, etc.

Changes 1-3 Outfits / 2-8 people
Ideal for Head shots / Social Profiles / Branding / Marketing
Receives 12-24 Images
Session Shoot 2-3 Hours
Answer Questionnaire / Survey

Face Chapter Plans

$10 - $100/month

This is a perfect choice for asipiring models, Fashion Designers, Families and Startups.

A $10 = 2 Pics / 1 outfit
B $20 = 4 Pics / 2 outfits
C $40 = 8 Pics / 3 outfits
D $80 = 12 Pics / 3 outfits
E $100 = 24 Pics / 4 outfits

FC Membership

$99 Signup / $50 Annual

One time sign up. Cancel anytime. Annual and restart sign up fee is only $50.

Benifits Monthly Sessions
Location Venues 2 places
Studio Backdrop Themes
Special Events Instant Prints
Highlighted on Style Versatile!